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Evil Seal is a pc game dealing with a modern revival of S.John’s Apocalypse. It’s an survival horror: players will find themselves in a post- apocalyptic setting and in order to survive they will be forced to use many different defense weapons against a demonic and supernatural army.

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  • Story Mode
  • Survival Mode with online rank
  • Many characters with different skills 
  • Drop system
  • Craft system
  • Inventory system
  • Quest system
  • Character level system
  • 8 selectable characters with different skills
  • It's very hard to kill enemies. A strategy is required!

This game is created by Raffaele Mandese.

For info contact us email: rmandese@gmail.com


evil-seal-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 3 Aug 02, 2017

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Its really not bad! I recommend maybe more variety when it comes to zombie types.

Thank you ZKDev! I'm working for improve Soul Town! Stay up to date :)

kewl :D

Fun stuff!


Thank you Mister!